the dumb american

the dumb american is simply a place to celebrate the new pride in american dumbness.

since the introduction of george w. bush and his friends into the national scene, dumb went from being simply dumb; object of ridicule, embarrassment, shameful state, hide your face in a paper sack and hope no one knows it is you, to being front and center dumb, and proud of it.

an acceptable competing state to say, smart.

we as a country have since adopted many very dumb things as our daily diet, and add to the list continually. dumb is in! we are dumb about almost everything now! I mean, look at the health care tea baggers!

so relax, put those books away, put your feet up (or put them in your ears!) give your intellect a rest!

welcome to the dumb american. home to select things dumb, and american... there is not room to put all things dumb and american...